Completely private coral islet

Denis Island is a living, breathing island community, for those who believe giving back to nature is the only way to receive its bounty in return.

It’s a place where you can bathe along beaches renowned the world over for their pristine beauty, snorkel in a sea turtle sanctuary, spot some of the rarest birds on earth, and go sport-fishing at the edge of a continental ocean drop-off…and all of that in a single day.

You won’t find a signal for your mobile phone when you arrive. There is no in-room internet. No cable television. This is for you to unplug from digital distraction and reconnect to the loved ones you hold dear, and to the earth that you share with them.

On Denis, you’ll re-discover a forgotten mode of luxury: one of real food and real people, immersed in nature on one of the most secluded islands in the world.



The mere 23 free-standing cottages and villas on Denis enjoy total privacy, scattered at various walking distances from the beach and separated by the island’s natural vegetation. Spacious rooms echo the Seychelles’ colonial past, from the furniture and wood flooring fashioned at the island’s carpentry workshop just a few hundred metres away, to the refined simplicity of the décor. Open-air bathrooms and garden courtyards in all of the rooms once again defer to nature’s calming influence.



The PADI dive centre can provide diving lessons as well as diving excursions to explore the tropical waters for turtles, dolphins, and possibly whale sharks. Charter a vessel and crew to find out why Denis Island has a great reputation for deep-sea fishing, or take advantage of the many water sports facilities. Other activities include hiking along the scenic trails through the lush forests or visiting the old village with its picturesque chapel, houses dating back to 1935, and the famous lighthouse.